Tantric Massage


Tantra is an ancient art form that has been practised for centuries, originating in India they used sexual sacred acts as a way of elevating to higher spiritual levels. We have taken elements of this ancient practise and westernised it to suit our culture. 

Since the 1960s Tantra has been very popular and is ever growing, discover tantric massage today and delight your mind, body and soul.


You will enter the ladies private apartment and immediately be at ease in luxurious ambient surroundings, the perfect sanctuary for full body relaxation. Day to day stresses can take their toll on your body and mind, we all need a release in a safe environment and where better then surrounded by calming music, candlelight and a gorgeous talented masseuse. 


Starting with a relaxation of the body, your mind will slowly follow until you're problems seem no longer important and your physical boundaries disappear. Using classic massage techniques to relax your muscles, nothing escapes the masseuses attention, unwind and revel in the full body celebration. 


Using her nude body to massage and bodyside over you, not only is this muscle relieving but an intimate erotic pleasure. Using specialised tantric techniques and erotic touch, you will slowly be brought to arousal, with expert control the lingham massage begins. Slowly and gradually you are pushed closer to your optimum climax point over and over, intensely building your sexual energy within. Once finally released a feeling of pure bliss and full body orgasm is often felt like no other before, tantric waves of pure ecstasy will delight your mind body and soul. 


If you are yet to experience full body worship with a tantric massage, then schedule in some truly deserved pamper time today. Restore your energy balance and feel your stresses simply melt away with the delicious touch of our erotic masseuses. 




For more information on the massages and service we provide at Love Tantric London or to make a booking with one of our experienced and talented tantric masseuses please call 07548 845573

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